a little update…

First of all, thanks to all of you for the warm response on the announcement of the ‘Souvenirs from Esengo’ compilation, keeps me going for future releases on Planet Ilunga.

Today I found a very good reason to cancel the things I was supposed to do, as the vinyl test pressing of the Rock-a-Mambo/l’African Jazz record arrived this morning! I’m satisfied about the result. A few tracks (3) sound a little bit rough as the original take in the Esengo studio in Léoville was rough too, but overall it’s sounding dynamic and warm, especially the tracks remastered from the original shellac. While I was listening and doing awkward dance moves to this joyful music, I could only imagine that the Rock-a-Mambo Orchestra had way too many talented musicians. My favorite tracks on this double lp are ‘Ya Biso Pembeni’ (l’African Rock),  ‘Toca Mi’ (Rock-a-Mambo) and ‘Oye Jacquy’ (Rock-a-Mambo) and so on…











Normally I should get the finished vinyls and booklets within +/-3 weeks, so we ‘re slowly getting to the release date. I will keep you all posted of course. You can still secure your copy by sending me an email, but from now on shops and indivuals can also pre-order this release through the Rush Hour shop/distribution in Amsterdam:





  1. I found your release thru the coming soon page on Juno Uk. Absolutely in love what what you’re doing. Have been a lover of Latin music for years, and have been hypnotized and enchanted by African Afro-Cuban music for a while. Finally someone like you and your label are recognizing this amazing music that needs to be heard and enjoyed (and pressing it on Vinyl!!!!). I already found and bought a copy of the Grand Kalle comp and it’s on it’s way to me, really excited to head what this second title holds in store, I’m sure it’s going to be pure joy. Look forward to diving into this page and discovering more music.Best, Señor Eddy (Sonorama) http://www.facebook.com/sonoramachicago

    • Thanks for the nice words Eddy, I only found your comment today.
      The second release on Planet Ilunga, a retrospective on the Congolese 78 rpm label Esengo, is even more Latin-tingled so I hope you will like. Also check Senegalese sixties and seventies music – i’m sure you already did this – beautiful Afro-Cuban sounds.

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