Out soon on Planet Ilunga

Planet Ilunga proudly announces a retrospective on the short-lived Esengo label. Esengo is one of the legendary labels that operated in the former Leopoldville (current Kinshasa) in the fifties. In a five-year time span (1957-1961) this publishing company – named after the Lingala word for ‘pleasure’ – released over 400 records, all issued on 78 rpm records. The 2LP Souvenirs from Esengo 1957-1961 focuses on the recordings of two of the most important and earliest ensembles of Esengo: Rock-a-Mambo and l’African Jazz. Several tracks on this compilation are remastered from the original 78 rpm records pressed in former Leopoldville. These have now been reissued for the very first time.

rock a mambo 1957 african rock esengo








Out in June 2014, more details here and in the following video:

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