Source & bibliography

Recommended reading about Congolese music:

* Nimy Nzonga Jean-Pierre François, 2010, Dictionnaire des immortels de la musique Congolaise moderne, Louvain-la-Neuve, Bruylant-Academia

* Manda Tchebwa Antoine, 2012, Sur les berges du Congo… on danse la rumba, Paris, L’Harmattan

* Goma-Thethet Joachim E, Byhamot François Roger, 2012, Jean Serge Essous, clarinettiste, saxophoniste et chanteur Congolais (1935-2009), Paris, L’Harmattan

* Ossinonde Clément, 2013, 25 ans de musique Congolaise, Saint-Denis, Edilivre

* Stewart Gary, 2000, Rumba on the river, A history of the popular music of the two Congos, London, Verso

* S. Bemba, 1984, 50 ans de musique du Congo-Zaïre, Présence africaine

Recommended online platforms and radio shows about Congolese music:, online news and archive platform about Congolese music, culture and history, run by Messager

Nostalgie Ya Mboka, weekly radio show since 2002, founded and presented by Vincent Luttman

Worldservice, music blog about Congolese and other African music run by Stefan Werdekker

Muzikifan, music and review platform with a special interest in Congolese music, run by Alastair Johnston

Afro Buro, weekly radio show on the local Antwerp radio Radio Centraal on Congolese and other African music, hosted by Frank Wouters

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