New release: Docteur Nico – Dieu De La Guitare

Planet Ilunga is proud to present you an anthology of Nicolas Kasanda Wa Mikalayi (Docteur Nico) on a double vinyl album. With this new compilation, made in collaboration with Ignace Mukendi (Comite de gestion des œuvres musicales de Docteur Nico) and the children of Nico, Planet Ilunga recalls the life and musical career of the legendary Congolese guitar player and band leader Docteur Nico.

All tracks are coming from mostly hard to find 78 rpm or 45 rpm records, many of them reproduced on this album for the very first time. The double album vinyl comes with extensive liner notes (in French and English).

For the research and the making of this collection of songs I could rely on the unconditional help of many connaisseurs of Congolese rumba: Alastair M. Johnston (Muzikifan), Flemming Harrev (, Stefan Werdekker (, Christian Van Den Broeck (Belgatone), Gary Stewart (Rumba on the River). I would like to thank them here again for their generosity.

The artwork of the album is created by Pierre Huyghebaert & Sophie Boiron (Speculoos).

Take a look here for a preview video and here for sound samples.
Distribution will be handled by Rush Hour and Clear Spot.

presentatiefoto Docteur Nico.jpeg

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