Dj sets @Release Party Planet Ilunga

Christian 78 rpm set @Release Party Planet Ilunga

As promised, hereby a podcast of Christian’s 78 rpm set at Planet Ilunga’s release party two weeks ago in Brussels. He played a 4 hour set, but I forgot to push the record button from the beginning. So the first hour of Congolese 78 rpm records was only for those who were there. In the mix:  fifties Congolese music, calypso, biguine, pre war jazz, tango, etc.  The 3 first records are from the Congolese 78 rpm label Esengo, next ones I will let you find out…

SebCat vinyl set @Release Party Planet Ilunga

Part of SebCat’s vinyl set at the Planet Ilunga release party in the podcast above. SebCat (Rebel Up! Soundclash) mainly played cumbia and chicha records from Peru. Great stuff too of this versatile dj.

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